Scotiabank Building Wrap

TIn January 2010 , we were presented with a concept to wrap a building in White Horse, Yukon Territory for Scotia Bank for the Hocky Day in Canada. Due to the cold weather, we cannot use 3M PSA material. Temperature during that month often fell below -28C. A warm day would be -10C.

We were further challenged by the fact the landlord of the building requried minimal drilling to lessen remediation. Our installer were sent back to check critical measurements up to 5 times to ensure panel and position accuracy to accomodate all the existing wall fixtures ( such as deposit box, light box etc ... )

The project consisted of 3 peices of 10' X 100' top mesh banners and an inverted U-shape mesh banner in the front entrance to create the goal post effect.

We designed a system of steel cables and pulleys so as to only drill 10% of the originally required holes on the front wall.

An 8-color system was used to print the project to ensure maximum quality and color vibrancy for close viewing also. After the printing & finishing process, we deployed the mesh banners in our Mega Dome for color verification as well as panel to panel matching for vertical integration. All printed material and hardware were precisely prepared and flown in to catch the tight installation window & deadline.

During the installation process, a number of drill bits were shattered because of sub-zero temperatures. The installation also spanned almost a week due to incremental weather.

Alll the banners were installed professionally. The top and bottom front mesh banner for the goal post also matched inch-perfect and our customer was extremely happy with the results again.