Canadian Museum of Civilization
Beyond Digital Imaging (BDI) was awarded a RFP by the Canadian Museum of Civilization (CMC) in Gatineau, Quebec to replace the existing Forest Mesh banners In Sep 2012The mesh banners are located in the Grand Hall which is approximately 400 feet wide. The 2 mesh banners measure about 270’ long by 28' tall and are staged one behind another in equal width with a distance of about 4’ apart from front to back.

This 2 layer mesh creates a greater depth effect when viewed from the front, because of the "see-thru” of the front mesh to the back layer. Both mesh start approximately 20' from the ground and rises to 50' in height.The existing scrims in their grandeur were created over 20 years ago when the museum was built. Due to aging, both of the mesh and the frames that host these 2 scrims have reached their end of life.BDI's mandate was to create the entire Rainforest Scene from scratch using supplied archived slides. Furthermore, BDI had to create a framing system to replace the existing one using a unique fire-rated mesh material of the Museum’s choice printed with the B.C. Rainforest scene.The graphic creation, production, installation had to occur on a very tight schedule & deadline.Another challenge was to meander through the many totem poles during the installation process without touching them as these are displayed elegantly but very closely together in the Grand Hall.

The museum emphasised that these artifacts were invaluable & priceless.BDI created the Rainforest graphics to the total satisfaction of the CMC project designers and managers.BDI designed a custom aluminum framing system & installation methodology for the project. BDI printed the graphics panels and matched them perfectly in its installation facilities in Dec 2012.The entire graphics was installed during the Museum shut down week early January 2013 in 5 days with perfect execution.Both the COO and Director of the Museum commented, "Great job, well done!"Beyond Digital Imaging stands proud to see another complex project executed for a satisfied customer.