"We need a super-sized mesh banner for severe wind and weather conditions... " - CFL

This was a super size mesh banner project for the CFL Grey Cup in Winnepeg. This banner measured 40'H X 320'W and was printed in panels of 40'W X 40'H each.

Our challenge was to design this long mesh banner with no solid backing ( open to wind both sides) that it could withstand severe weather conditions as either side can be subject to strong winds.

After analysing the grandstand, we created a system of tie-backs with seat-belt webbing to reduce the wind span over the entire length.

The banner sections were also deployed in our Installation Dome to ensure panel & grommet position accuracy to enable installation perfection in Winnepeg.

During the week of the game , despite strong weather conditions, this super-long mesh stood intact and attached afast to the steel structure behind it with absolutely no problems.

Our customer was impressed !